Having a stellar customer support team is more than just hiring incredible and empathetic employees, it’s also about providing them with the tools they need to efficiently help customers. Customer support teams thrive when they’re empowered with the information they need and the authority to act on a customer’s issue. Fanatically Zen seeks to connect Zendesk agents with SugarCRM users by sharing information across teams which allows them to act more effectively and reduce the burden on customers. Here are three ways using Fanatically Zen can empower your customer support team:

1. Empower Zendesk Agents with relevant data in the moment they need it.

Customer support team

The Fanatically Zen app within Zendesk displays crucial information while the Zendesk agent is interacting with the customer. This allows customer support teams to spend more time actually resolving issues and less time seeking out administrative data, thereby reducing the level of friction a customer experiences when interacting with your company. By default, the app displays information from contacts, prospects, leads, accounts, and opportunities. When you use the Professional or Ultimate plan of the integration, however, you can customize the data that appears, such as key account numbers, contract information, or other custom fields agents use on a day to day basis.

2. Collaborate with sales teams to solve issues.

Team collaboration is crucial, but cross-department collaboration encourages ingenuity that allows businesses to excel and grow. Whether you are needing to simply resolve a customer issue or you are looking for teams to work together to increase sales, having support and sales work more seamlessly together will result in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. The Fanatically Zen integration can sync Zendesk Tickets to your CRM as Cases, thereby enabling sales teams to follow up as appropriate. On the Ultimate Fanatically Zen plan, you can also customize the data that syncs so you can create leads from Zendesk directly for sales teams.

3. Help sales invest in customer relationships.

In today’s environment, relationships are important long beyond the initial sale. While sales reps may not be the main point of contact for customers it can be helpful for them to stay on top of issues the customer has encountered, especially before they reach out to the customer to renew or upsell with a new feature. Fanatically Zen makes it easy for sales to stay up to date with customer support issues by displaying Zendesk tickets right from the contact, target, lead, or account level. This allows your company to provide a more consistent experience across teams and ensure customers feel valued.

Fanatically Zen is committed to empowering your team so you can serve your customers and continue to grow. If you have questions about this SugarCRM solution or you’d like to see more, please visit our support site or schedule a demo call whenever you are ready.

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