What We Do

We are a fresh, new way of finding 3rd party modules for SugarCRM. Although modules is at the center of our immediate attention, our ultimate goal is to simplify the user experience around any aspect of customizing and extending SugarCRM.

How Are We Different From SugarExchange?

That is a great question and we feel this post best sums it up. At a high level, here is what makes us different:

And we do this with a personal touch that our customers have grown to love. We are very invested in your business' success.

Finding Quality Solutions

Shuffling through all the possible add-ons out there can be overwhelming. Some fall short of their promise. Others simply aren't finished. There are even those that can wreck havoc on an install. And that is if you can find them in the first place. There are numerous sites that sell an add-on or two for SugarCRM. This makes it an impossible task to find the diamond in the rough. This is where we come in. As a one-stop shop, we offer just the gems. After all, each add-on comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (check out the link for some cool ways that we nurture quality).

Selling Solutions

We're not just a SugarCRM add-on store, we're a discovery service. Our goal is to bring in as many relevant visitors based on highly targeted marketing to your solutions. To do that, we invest in SEO campaigns, PPC, and various other marketing channels/opportunities to attract those visitors who are looking for a solution such as yours.

Here is a summary from our Selling Information page on what we do for you:

No upfront cost or hassle. We do the grunt work of handling the transactions, doing the marketing, and maintaining/improving the platform. Interested?

Implementing Solutions

Already going out and finding the best add-ons for your clients? Join our free Affiliate Reseller Program and get paid for each sale you generate on SugarOutfitters. For more details, view our blog entry: Introducing the Affiliate Reseller Program.

For the Community by the Community

We built and are building SugarOutfitters based on our experiences as part of the community. It comes from many years of input and interaction from others in the community including customers, partners, and developers.

Keep up to date on the latest additions

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